• SpecialOperationsTrooper

    I have battle-shipped for decades and have earned the ire of any contemporary to have affirmed that my spirit animal is the Malayan Pit Viper. Here are three photos I will currently share. I will also share a new photo in the future, it'll be my better roleplaying version of myself. I was to hasty to wait for their quest in the Tomb of Annihilation to finish, I started to read my notation packet before seating as the other Adventurer's came in (I was 2nd out of the 8) and it got me a spot as a level 10 Champion. Had I waited I could of learned the dice a lot better than knowing I'd need more - but it was only once a week and just three weeks as I was well trained in the game of RuneScape. I left the Tomb of Annihilation the week before the…

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