Powers/Skills Poisoned mace-like tail
Hobby Terrorizing people
First Appearance Gland of the Mimikar

The Bucaramanga is a dragon that has a mace-like tail, covered in poisoned spikes..

Episode ApperanceEdit

At some point, the Dragon Hunters are employed to kill the Bucaramanga. While doing so, they somehow manage to fall off a cliff, merely being able to cling to one another. Hector, who is the only one who is still holding on to the island, is so intimidated by the Bucaramanga that he almost lets go. However, the two dragons then start a conversation. After Hector tells a joke, the Bucaramanga laughs so hard he falls to the ground. allowing the Dragon Hunters to climb back onto the island. Back on the island, Lian Chu grabs his sword and jumps towards the Bucaramanga, who lashes at him with its tail. Lian Chu crashes into the ground, poisoned by the spikes on the dragon's tail. The Bucaramanga swells on moments later and explodes, covering Gwizdo in purple goo.

Gwizdo and Hector bring Lian Chu to a doctor who reveals that Lian Chu has been affected by Bucaramanga poison, causing his body to slowly freeze from the bottom up. He tells Gwizdo that the only antidote can be fabricated from the Mimikar Gland. To save Lian Chu, Gwizdo and Hector set out alone to find a Mimikar.