Smaklins are ratlike dragons that are very disgusting vermin, and also live in the land of marsh; which is a floating island full of junk. When they ingest dragon meat, they turn into the dragon that the meat came from. They are known to live in packs. They are also nocturnal.

Episode Appearance Edit

Smaklins appeared in the episode "Unwelcome Guests". They were brought in by Lian Chu and Gwizdo, in Gwizdo's plan to get rid of a guest who has fallen in love with Jennyline and wants to get rid of the hunters. Hector thinks this is a bad idea; since he tries to tell them that "Smaklins eat then grow very big!" A smaklin eats a piece of rotting Borback flesh, and turns into a Borback, and the hunters have to get rid of the dragon.

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