Dragon Hunters is a upcoming movie he is 2009 film Russia August 12 2018 French Released August 20 2018 music by Randy Newman soundtrack 2019 score Director Aaron Lee english released November 5 2019 new songs Dragon Hunters was pushed back November 2018 and 2019


French Cast

Jean Reno as Lian Chu

Vincent Cassel as Gwizdo

Marie Drion as Zoe

Jean Marc Lentretien as Mamular

Dragon Hunters

Music Randy Newman

Released August 20 2018 French November 5 2019 English

Starring Jean Reno Vincent Cassel

Language French English

Director Aaron Lee

No information

Chasseurs-de-Dragons carre 141x141(4)

Alain Chabat as Lord Arnold

Barbara Tissier as Gildas

Patrick Borg as Hector

Joel Legendre as Fat John and Red Cloud

English Cast

Ian Mckellen as Lian Chu - Lian Chu as Baby killed Lian Chu's Parents fighting World Gobbler

Raymond S Persi as Gwizdo - a Best Friend of Lian Chu

Ariel Winter as Zoe - a Girl

Jemaine Clement as Lensflar a Villain Song as young song ending scene song cure

Rip Torn as Lord Arnold a father of Zoe

John Lithgow as Gildas a Neighbour of Lord Arnold Jess Harnell voiced 2009 English dub role died May 22 2017 Jess Harnel crashed by plane

Jeff Bennett as Hector a Villain instead an blue Rabbit with Pig Nose 2009 Version Species as Rabbit Dog 2018 Version

Alan Tudyk as World Gobbler a became Ghost with fire eyes killed by Lian Chu's Parents

Liam Neeson as Mamular a Dragon Lian Chu and Hector defeats Mamular

Nicole Scherzinger and Temuera Morrison as Lian Chu's Parents a World Gobbler Killed his Parents

Woody Allen as Knight a in Castle broke Window his Death World Gobbler killed Knight Wife's Death most credited Josh Gad

Becky Allen as Kingdom a Husband's Death broke Window

Juliette Brewer as Zaza a Girlfriend of Zoe

Scarlett Johansson as Jennyline a Mother of Zaza

Jalan Jalan as Lensflar Singing Voice in Song at Middle

Miles Bakshi as young Lensflar

Wyatt Oleff as young Lord Arnold

Kevin Bacon as Lensflar Teenage

Woody Turner as Fat John - brother Tom Turner a Farm Defeating Mamular most credited Jim Cummings

John Smith and Josh Oleff as Bats


Lotus - Jalan Jalan

Cure - Miles Bakshi at ending song

Era was ending credits of songs - Josh Lee

Ameno was cast voices with credits of songs - Randy Thorn

Randy Newman Soundtracks

Beginning - Randy Newman (0:50)

Chase - Randy Newman (0:30)

Opening - Randy Newman (2:55)

Dinner - Randy Newman (0:59)

Brother's Death - Randy Newman (1:09)

Mamular Fight - Randy Newman (1:55)

Lian Chu Flashback - Randy Newman (0:45)

Jimbobs Attack - Randy Newman (2:00)

Castle Room - Randy Newman (3:05)

Red Cloud Chase - Randy Newman (1:45)

Swamp Lava Chase - Randy Newman (0:40)

Bed Time - Randy Newman (0:59)

Red Cloud's Fights - Randy Newman (0:57)

Bats - Randy Newman (0:10)

Jet Dragons - Randy Newman (1:23)

World Gobbler - Randy Newman (1:54)

World Gobbler's Death - Randy Newman (3:56)

Bunnies - Randy Newman (0:46)

Ending Credits - Randy Newman (2:56)