Occupation Fire Dragon
Powers/Skills Fire
Hobby Burns villages and islands
Location Volcanic Islands/Planets, possibly deserts
The Three Eruptos in the far Eastern Territories near Alphenezar
First Appearance "The Strange Taste of Cocomak", and "The Borbacks Cemetery".

The Dongolao (Fire Dragon) is a dragon who's first appearance was in episode 12. It is a phoenix like dragon, made completely of fire besides its skeleton. They can only be defeated with a vast amount of water.

Episode Apperance Edit

The Fire Dragon appeared in Episode 12; The Strange Taste of Cocomak. It appeared right at the beginning; where Gwizdo and Lian Chu were using Hector as bait to lure in the Fire Dragon, and at the last moment Lian Chu tips the small island filled with water onto the dragon, killing it. Its skeleton then explodes, sending a wave of ashes everywhere.

However, the ash wave covers the village of the people who employed the Dragon Hunters. Furious, the villagers attack the Dragon Hunters and drive them out of their village. Forced to abandon their gyrocopter at the village, the Dragon Hunters eventually run over a bridge onto a nearby island, unaware that the villagers are not following them because the island is the home of a dragon.

Another one also appeared in the episode "The Borbacks Cemetery". A much larger one flew out of one of the Three Eruptos, chasing some giant birds. It then landed on the flying ship they were on, burning the front. They headed towards the floating sea, and submerged the dragon, killing it. From this episode, we know this dragon appears to have legs as well.

About Edit

The Dragon Feux/Fire Dragon/Dongolao is a medium to large sized dragon with two eyes that are extremely close together. Its jaw seems to be locked open, since it has never been shown with its mouth closed. It has a long tail that ends in a split and legs when they land on the ground. It is seen to burn two small islands as it flies past them, so it seems to not be able to nest on rocky islands. Instead, it lives on sun-like planets/islands that are also made of fire. It also seems to be highly predatory, one almost ate Hector before Lian Chu killed it, as well as hunting and chasing down very large birds. Apparently; the birds it were chasing are its favorite food.

It is unknown why the Fire Dragon was near the islands with Cocomak on them.

It is possible that this Dragon's design and name is a French play on words, with "feux" both referring to fire and fireworks. The Dragon is made out of fire--and its skeleton explodes in midair like a firework upon death.