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Dragon Hunters (original French title: Chasseurs de Dragons) is a cartoon series created by Arthur Qwak and produced by the French company Futurikon. It follows the adventures of two hunters for hire, Lian-Chu and Gwizdo, through a medieval world of floating land masses that is terrorized by a widely varying menace of monsters known collectively as dragons. A 3-D feature film and a videogame based on the film have also been released.

Chronology with the movieEdit

In an interview with the authors of the show Arthur Qwak and Guillaume Ivernel pointed, that the movie was "the story of how Lian-Chu and Gwizdo became real dragon hunters in their own rights". About Zoe they also confirmed that it was a children's version of a future warrior, "like a cross between Candy and Jeanne D'Arc". We learn, that Zoria was born as Zoe in the episode "Man of the dragon". She was a sickly, but cheerful orphan and found the Snoring Dragon Inn together with Lian-Chu, Gwizdo and Hector (who probably spent their earned money during their hard and long way on foot). Staying in the tavern, she became the adopted daughter of Jeanneline and turned into a redhead beauty after a while.

The airship "St. George" was bought and mastered by the hunters after they began to receive serious orders and earn enough money. Perhaps, with the advent of the serious money, Gwizdo also had cured his eyes: he began to read without glasses, and the color of his eyes changed from brown to blue.

D'Jourab, who acts in the series as a killer of Lian-Chu's family and compatriots, could be easily a World Gobbler's predecessor in a deal of destruction of village Ke-Chan. Actually, we don't see any residents of a village at the beginning of the film, what means, that the fire that engulfed the area, could be preceded by anything you want, including a failed dragon hunt of villagers. After the World Gobbler's death the heroes don't stammer about him, leaving global horrors associated with him in the past. The travel made them a bit more mature and gave Lian-Chu an opportunity to turn to the other important and unpleasant details of his childhood, like another scary dragon coming to the village or the family's intrigues - in spite of the fact that Lian-Chu's memory could be distorted for the years. Anyway, the big guy decides all important questions of his past, strictly depending on his capabilities.


The action of the series takes place roughly 10 years after the events of the movie.

The heroes aren't tramps anymore. They settled in the tavern "Snoring dragon", where they have to pay a round sum for accommodation and in parallel with this - bring up the little daughter of the hostess. Zoe already grew up and mastered the craft of guys. But even during the peaceful times their Adventure doesn't keep itself waiting: as always, work obliges! They will know a lot of interesting and unexpected about their chosen job. To succeed, they should, day in and day out to learn from their mistakes and get out of the most incredible situations...


The dragon hunters song

The dragon hunters song

The show's theme, "The Dragon Hunters Song", is performed by the English rock band The Cure. This track was available as a single and a track on the German compilation CD Toggo Music 11 in 2005, both now out of print.


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List of episodesEdit

Season 1

1. Thy Name is Dragon

2. It's a Dragons Life

3. Desperately Seeking Zoria

4. The Return of Roger

5. Little Rumble on the Prairie

6. Isle of Mist

7. A Fist Full of Veggies

8. Dead Dragon Walking

9. The Deep North Dragon

10. Billy Toughnut

11. There's No Place Like Home

12. The Strange Taste of Cocomak

13. The Conjunction of Three Moons

14. Don't Look Now

15. Unwelcome Guests

16. The Kiwajel Thrust

17. Gland of the Mimikar

18. A Few Veggies More

19. The Orphan Farm

20. Childs Play

21. Collywobble Water

22. Who's Lost Their Head Now?

23. Baby Love, oh, Baby-Love?

24. Can I See the License, Please?

25. Prince Charming

26. The Family Fortune

Season 2

27. Dragontagious

28. The Borbacks' Cemetery

29. The Shipwrecker

30. Treasure Rock

31. Dragon in the Hearth

32. The Cure

33. The High Life

34. Farewell, Lian Chu

35. Porkfester's Pigfarm Island

36. The Stuff of Dreams

37. Baby in the Family

38. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not... She Loves Me!

39. The Sweetypie Clause

40. Agheegoo

41. Combat Spores

42. The Convoy

43. The Legend of the Rain Dragon

44. The Book

45. Drago Menta

46. The Grand Tournament

47. The Body Beautiful

48. The Conquest of the Town

49. Master Gwizdo

50. Man of the Dragon

51. The Dragon Ghost

52. The Red Dragon


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