"Dragons" is the collective name for the various kinds of beasts that inhabits the world of the Dragon hunters.


Dragons come in many different shapes and sizes. Their nature and abilities may be also very considerably, to the point that one may suspect each kind of Dragon to be a separate species.

Some Dragons can breathe fire, while some can breathe ice. Some other Dragons may not be able to breathe anything at all. Some Dragons have wings and are fully capable of flight, while others are wingless and stay at the ground. Some Dragons, so such the Snow Dragon, can dig through snow without any trouble.

Some Dragons resemble those of the Chinese Long, while some Dragons resemble those of European legend. Some Dragons are very huge, while some Dragons are very small. Some Dragons are aggressive predators who are frequently hostile to Human life, while some Dragons, like Hector, are fairly friendly and harmless.

My name is dragon

Some Dragons have also been shown to have a very strong parental instinct, caring heavily for their young. Such a Dragon may even go so far as to actually raise a Human, as if he or she was one of the Dragon's own children.


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