Occupation Dragon
Powers/Skills Roll itself into a ball
Hobby Terrorizing civillians
First Appearance It's a Dragon's Life.

The Duratorum is a dragon who can roll itself into a spiked ball.

History Edit

Upon finding the Duratorum, Lian Chu engages the dragon while Gwizdo merely watches. However, as Hector has deserted them the Dragon Hunters have no weapons. When Lian Chu realises that, he and Gwizdo are forced to flee from the dragon, who transforms his body into a spiked wheel and rolls after the Dragon Hunters.

Eventually cornered, the Dragon Hunters expect to die but are miraculously saved by Prince Charming, a fellow Dragon Hunter. As they were not the ones to kill the Duratorum, the Dragon Hunters are not paid for the job, a fact that does not sit well with Gwizdo.