Horror Rose
Occupation Fire Dragon
Powers/Skills Shoot fire from 30ft away, Fly, Amazing Vision
Hobby Burns villages and islands
First Appearance "The Name is Dragon".

The Horror Rose (Called a "Pink Long Necked Flier" By Lian Chu) is a very large dragon with an almost birdlike appearance.

Episode Appearance Edit

The Horror Rose appeared in Episode 1, "The Name is Dragon". A family of these dragons nested on top of the roof of the Sleeping Dragon Inn. When Lian Chu was sent up to the roof disguised as a baby to kill the dragon; the mother took Lian Chu in as one of her own babies. Lian Chu began to warm up to these dragons, coming to the point of him being unable to get rid of them. Jeanelline needs the dragon out, but nobody is able to kill it. Finally the dragon's babies learn to fly, and they leave. Lian Chu says bye to his temporary family.

About Edit

The Horror Rose is a large, powerful dragon being able to shoot fire from 30ft away, has amazing vision (Especially at Night), and is able to smash through entire islands and walls. Despite it being very strong; the Horror Rose is one of the most motherly dragons; the mother will take good care of their babies, and will attack and kill anyone and anything that seems like a threat to her offspring. She can most certainly be slain with a sword, if you can get close. The dragon is known for being "Mean-as-heck" when defending territory, according to Lian Chu.