Occupation Dragons
Powers/Skills Electrokinetics
Location Swamp
First Appearance Dragon Hunters (film)

Jimbobs (Named "Gegene Electrique" on The Snoring Dragon Inn) are blue, raptor-like dragons that can discharge electricity from off their bodies.


Jimbobs can move very rapidly, making them difficult to dispatch. One of their weaknesses is that they cannot swim, and you can kill them by leading them into water, similar to the Dragon Feux.

They are not immune to their own lightning strikes and leading them to water will not only cause them to drown, but it will cause them to electrocute themselves.

The dragon seems to be shinier in the show then they were in the movie.


At one point, Jeanneline is employed by a wealthy aristocrat to cook the for his daughters' wedding, the man offers her 1.000 gold coins for it. However, he requests Jimbob so Jeanneline employs the dragon hunters to hunt the dragons. As Jimbob meat needs to be cooked immediately after the dragon's death, Jeanneline is forced to come with them. Laving the Inn in Zaza's hands, the Dragon Hunters and Jeanneline set out to the Jimbob's home island. There, they are captured by the Forestall brothers who take their weapons, intending to cash in the Jimbobs themselves. The Dragon Hunters manage to break free but while venturing over the island they are attacked by a crowd of five Jimbobs. Lian Chu manages to fend off three of them with Jeanneline's cooking pot but two more follow Jeanneline, Hector and Gwizdo who climb a tree to escape. However, the branch Jeanneline sits on is about to break when the Jimbobs run off, drawn away by the Forestalls who have set a trap and used a flute that sounds like a dragon the Jimbob's hunt. The Jimbob's run towards the Forestalls and are swiftly captured in a cage.


Jimbob meat is a delicacy, but is very expensive because of the hostile nature of the dragons ans their ability to electrocute their prey. Also, the Jimbob needs to be cooked minutes after it is killed because it loses its flavor soon afterwards. Jimbob meat is highly praised in the high society.

One Jimbob serves 2-6 people and is most delicious stewed or grilled over a woodfire.