Occupation Dragon
Powers/Skills Ice
Location Ice planet
First Appearance The Deep North Dragon

The Neglour (Surfing Hai) is a shark-like dragon who swims through ice and snow of his home-planet. It can jump as high as a dolphin and spit water that freezes it's enemies immediately .


In Episode 9 Jeanne Line raises, in a dispute with Gwizdo, the dragon hunter from the tavern, keep them coming back until they can pay their debts. Looking for a new home Gwizdo and Lian Chu accidentally crash-land on an island which is dominated by low temperatures and come in with the locals. On the way, when they are delayed when Gwizdo refuses to pass an icy bridge over a deep abyss, the Neglour appears and attacks the group. After the dragon has used his icy breath to freeze the fleeing Dragon Hunters, Lian Chu steers the dragon over a cliff. The Neglour lands on a lower island. These have a problem with a Neglour who already eaten their useful yaks.

To lure in the Neglour, they dress Hector in yak wool and wait for the dragon to appear. When it does, Lian Chu one again grabs its fin and is able to steer it away, though Hector is frozen. Lian Chu steers the dragon into a mountain, thereby crating a small avalanche that buries Lian Chu. However, the dragon returns and now hunts Gwizdo. Lian Chu is merely able to grab the dragon's tail and is dragged after it. Worse, Gwizdo's screams of fear cause a giant avalanche that buries the entire village. Lian Chu emerges from the snow with a big chunk of Neglour flesh, revealing that he killed the dragon.

In Episode 33 Gwizdo tells of three pretty ladies in Jeanne Lines tavern, as he once fought a Neglour. We see a flashback sequence of 9 with the dragon.