Occupation Dragon
Powers/Skills Shooting energy beams out of its eyes, soaring through the air
Hobby Petrifying people
Location Petrock
First Appearance "Don't Look Now".

The Petrovile is a dragon is a dragon that hunts in absolute quiet, making absolutely no noise. It's body is covered by feather-like scales who give it the ability to fly.


Returning from a successful contract, the Dragon Hunters enter the Snoring Dragon Inn only to find every person inside petrified. They find the noble Kayo while searching the inn, the only one unaffected as his eyesight was too bad to look into the dragon's eyes. Kayo reveals that the attacker was a Petrovile and warns the Dragon Hunters about the beasts attributes. The Dragon Hunters set out to the island Petrock, residence of the Petrovile To find a cure for the petrified victims.

Arriving on the barren island, the Dragon Hunters set out to find the Petrovile. Hector eventually finds a scale and brings it to Lian Chu. The Dragon Hunters find many more scales, which Hector collects. This eventually causes him to float off and Lian Chu needs to use a lasso to save Hector. Deciding that it is easier to hunt the dragon alone, Lian Chu sets off while Gwizdo and Hector stay behind. The Petrovile eventually sneaks up onto Hector and petrifies him. When Lian Chu returns he finds a petrified Hector and a mortified Gwizdo.

Lian Chu spans ropes all around the island and attaches small bells to them so he'll be able to hear the Petrovile coming. Meanwhile, Gwizdo tends to Lian Chu's weapons as Hector is unavailable. Gwizdo polishes Lian Chu's armor while they're waiting for the dragon.

When they hear the bell ring, Lian Chu confronts the Petrovile with his eyes blindfolded. The dragon shoots his beams at Lian Chu, but hits the polished breast plate which reflects the beam back onto the Petrovile, killing it. In death, the dragon absorbs tears with are shown to be the antidote for the petrification.


This causes lazer-beams to shoot out of his eyes, which it can also use to attack. It's body is covered by feather-like scales who give it the ability to fly. As it sheds its' scales regularly one can track it down by following the scales. People who grab the scales also gain the ability to fly.