Occupation Dragon
Powers/Skills Fire breathing
Hobby Terrorizing cities
First Appearance The Isle of Mist

Ramadur is a large, fire-breathing dragon.

History Edit

Ramadur is a dragon that was once fought by the Dragon Hunters. After fighting and defeating the Ramadur, the Dragon Hunters returned to the Snoring Dragon Inn where Gwizdo bragged about the victory. Although the true story of the dragon's defeat remains unknown, Gwizdo made it seem like he was heavily involved into the beast's defeat, having used his extreme skills to jump up the roofs of the terrorized city. Although Ramadur heavily breathed fire at him, Gwizdo evaded the fiery blasts and landed onto the dragon's head, jumping into Ramadur's mouth and breaking out all the beasts' teeth with swift, hard, punches. After weakening the dragon enough, Gwizdo supposedly slid down the dragon's spine to return to earth. Lian Chu then grabbed the dragon by the tail and spun around, eventually letting go and thus launching the dragon, who landed on the moon.

The story is greeted by much applause, although Lian Chu's reaction implies that the story was not remotely true.

At the end of episode 12, after the Dragon Hunters had to flee again, precisely the same Ramadur returned and spewed a Pyroclasm toward screen, allowing the sequence ends.

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