Uramits are dragons with long legs, protruding fangs, and they live in islands with fields. Despite their sickly looking appearance, they are quite capable and can even breathe fire. The dragon is relatively small, it is barely taller than Gwizdo, and has fur/hair running down its back starting at its head and going down to the tail.

A Uramit appeared in "The Conjunction of the Three Moons..". It was chasing Gwizdo. The Uramit was trying to attack Gwizdo by chasing him down and breathing fire at him, and once the Uramit fired at a tree that Gwizdo was hiding in, the tree nearly fell over the island, but Gwizdo was still hanging on. The Uramit walked onto the tree, but it slipped off and fell off the island. The fate of the Uramit is unknown.

Gwizdo got angry at Lian Chu for not helping him, and they were actually supposed to bag the Uramit and take it to the client, but they had messed up and the dragon fell off of the island. That was the only time the Uramit appeared in the episode.

Uramits can run fast, (they seem to hop when they run) and may or may not have excellent night vision; due to their large, yellow eyes.

In the movie, Zoria had a bunch of stuffed dragon toys in her room, one of them being of a Uramit.