Occupation Dragon
Powers/Skills Long tongue
First Appearance Prince Charming

The Vanikoro is a dragon that looks like a giant chameleon.


In Episode 25, the manager of the arrogant prince charming (Werner of displeasure) Lian Chu persuaded to accompany the prince in the hunt for a Vanikoro. Without listening to the instructions from Lian Chu, has a fantastic Prince Charming with his sword at the dragon. The Vanikoro snatches him this but with his tongue and intends to eat him. Lian Chu must save the informer. Through this incident, noted the public that Werner is of discontent just a loudmouth, and not a brave hero.


It has a long, sticky tongue with which it captures its prey. it eats not only people and animals, but also trees and even swords. The only to defeat a Vanikoro is to jump on it's back (where it can not reach with it's tongue) and stab it there with a sword.