Zaza. Full view.
Gender Female
Age 9-10 years
Occupation Assistant of the hostess at the Snoring Dragon Inn
Relatives Jennyline (mother)

Zoria (stepsister)

Voices France:

Audrey Pic (season 1) Catherine Desplaces (season 2)


Annie Bovaird

Zaza is Jennyline's youngest daughter. She resides at the Snoring Dragon Inn as an assistant.

Also she has her own pet-friend – the giant pig, named Leopold.



It is known that Zaza's father's name was Roger; however, when she was a babbie, he escaped and never appeared in the tavern anymore. Instead of him there settled Lian-Chu and Gwizdo, and this has had a significant impact on her upbringing. This plucky little girl idolizes kind-hearted giant and has dreams of becoming a Dragon huntress when she grows up, like her elder stepsister Zoria, of which Jennyline disapproves.

 Personality and SkillsEdit

This little girl is very inquisitive and sometimes she retains only the vision of the obedience to her mother. In fact, Zaza is ready to go for any trick, to see the Dragon hunt with her own eyes. She spends most of her time at the inn, but occasionally joins the hunters on quests, often through her own means and sometimes successfully learns something new about how to deal with the Dragons. In the journey or at home, she is pretty able to be useful, thanks to her uncommon resourcefulness. As her mother, Zaza is illiterate for the present but is friends with the logic and occasionally acts as the voice of reason in a difficult situation, in the absence of other applicants.

 Appearances in the SeriesEdit